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How to Join ITMA

Before joining the association, please refer to the "Intelligent Terminal Memory Association Articles" and "ITMA Management Procedure". Membership is applied through following procedures:

Step 1

Please learn the information of ITMA Membership Rights and Dues before application. Fill in your application request and submit online.

Step 2

Five working days after receiving the request, ITMA Secretariat will contact and confirm with the enterprise. Please download the "ITMA Membership Application Form" and "ITMA Membership Agreement" from the association documents after confirmation; then paper documents should be prepared as required and mailed to the secretariat (please note the detailed instructions at the end).

Step 3

After receiving the materials, the secretariat will confirm with the enterprise and start the membership reviewing process. Signing process of membership agreement will be carried out once reviewed qualified.

Step 4

Within three days after signing the membership agreement, the association secretariat will mail the invoice of membership fee to the enterprises. Enterprises should pay the dues in time once invoice received.

Step 5

Once payment received, the secretariat of the association will send an email notification of successful membership, and then the ITMA membership certificate will be mailed to the contact person.

Step 6

Member enterprise representatives can formally participate in the communication of the workgroups of the association, and jointly promote the technology and application of new storage products.

Following paper documents must be prepared:
1. "ITMA Membership Application Form". Please fill in information completely, print the paper document and then sign and stamp (one copy).
2. "ITMA Membership Agreement" please print the paper document with signature and seal (in quadruplicate).
3. Copy of business license (or business registration certificate, or company registration certificate) with seal (one copy).

Association Secretariat address:
Contact window: Huang Zifeng
Tel: +86-186 1719 8753
Address: Room 309, F3, Sangda Science And Technology Building, 1Keji Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by service@itma.org