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ITMA was invited to participate in CFMS | MemoryS 2024

2024-03-26 By By Secretariat ITMA News

With the theme of "MEMORY'S CYCLE, INSPIRE POTENTIAL", CFMS | MemoryS 2024 will jointly discuss the changes of memory market in an environment where supply and demand are still full of challenges, and how to tap industry value and stimulate potential, so as to realize the upgrade of the memory industry chain from "PRICE" to "VALUE", which is both an opportunity and a challenge for memory manufacturers. At this critical time, CFMS | MemoryS 2024 brings together the global memory industry chain and terminal application companies to share and discuss new opportunities under the new market situation.


Intelligent Terminal Memory Association (ITMA) was invited to participate in the 2023 China Flash Memory Market Summit with the highest sponsorship level, to showcase the development of the association and promote the future technology development direction of NM Card and ITMA at the summit where the storage industry chain gathers, and innovate more "value" technology applications for terminal storage applications.  


At the summit, there are NM Card brand products that have been authorized by ITMA: HUAWEI, HOSINGLOBAL, YiRight, OV, BLKE, DAJINGYU, Banq, Lexar, Dahua, HP, Fanxiang, Langke, Hechu, thinkplus, Lankexin, Aigostar, Flash, Yujiang, Yazhida, etc.

The links compatible with the NM Card are provided by JBL-102015402 from Dongguan Jbl Tech Co.,Ltd and WL41D83-A0B03-7H from Fuding Precision Components ( Shenzhen ) Co.,Ltd Precision. The exhibition boards are provided by  Sigmastar Technology Ltd., which currently supports the development board models of NM Card products, including SSC359G, SSC357G, SSR920G, SSR910Q, SSC8836Q, SSC8826D, SSC8826Q, SSD261Q, and SSC8838G.