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ITMA A&AC First Chairman and Vice Chairman Selection Results

2021-12-29 By ITMA News

In order to better promote the implementation of testing standards, review and product trademark authorization and other related project development and work implementation, ITMA was formally established in 2021: "Accreditation & Arbitration Committee" (abbreviation: A&AC).

During the nearly five months of operation since the establishment of A&AC, all aspects of A&AC’s work are progressing smoothly. At this stage, the association has taken into account the needs of A&AC’s subsequent daily operation. ITMA has decided to hold the "ITMA 2021 All Members" in Hainan from December 15 to 17. The conference and the third plenary meeting of the working group are the opportunity to hold the selection of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the Assessment Management Committee (A&AC). This time, one chairman and two vice-chairmen will be selected.

According to ITMA A&AC solicitation regulations, A&AC chairmen and vice-chairmen will be selected in its internal selection, and the selection site will openly accept the information of each candidate, and the A&AC group will vote. At the A&AC selection site, representatives of all member units are invited to witness.

The results of the selection of ITMA A&AC's chairman and vice-chairmen are announced as follows:


▪ Zhou Lei  

Vice Chairman:

▪ Dave Yang  

▪ Wang Yanfang 

Intelligent Terminal Memory Association