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ITMA will jointly unveil NM Card in CFMS2021

2021-09-01 By Secretariat ITMA News

China Flash Market Summit (CFMS) is a high-end summit of the storage industry chain held in China. The conference focuses on storage applications and development, and provides a market communication platform. The participating companies and audiences are the core companies and professionals in the storage industry chain and various terminal applications.

With the theme of "Storage Standard·Storage Ecology", CFMS2021 focuses on the application trends of smartphones, PCs, notebooks and data centers, 5G, AI, new energy vehicles and other markets. We sincerely invite global storage industry chain and application terminal enterprises and related professionals to share and discuss market development, and promote storage market cooperation and technical exchanges.

The work of the Intelligent Terminal Storage Association (ITMA) is progressing in an orderly manner. ITMA's NM Card technical standards and testing standards have been formulated and officially released, and the trademark usage specifications will be released soon. The Assessment Management Committee (A&AC) has taken shape, and related work will be carried out soon.

We are ready to take advantage of the CFMS2021 industry event. We will jointly showcase the NM Card with representatives of member units and introduce the latest ITMA technology. Welcome experts and friends from all walks of life to come to participate and exchange!

CFMS2021 conference page: https://cfms.chinaflashmarket.com