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The first ITMA Accreditation & Arbitration Committee (A&AC) was formally established

2021-07-21 By ITMA News

In order to better promote the implementation of testing standards, review and product trademark authorization and other related project development and work implementation, ITMA established the first“ Accreditation & Arbitration Committee (Abbreviation: A&AC).

Based on the technical standard documents of the test group: "ITMA IS21.003_V1.0.0 (specfication)" and "ITMA IS21.004_v1.0.0 (specfication)", and as toformulate and implement test standards, review and product trademark authorization and develop and promote related projects, A&AC was formally established.

The list of members of the first Accreditation & Arbitration Committee (A&AC) is:

▪ Dave Yang ( Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd.)

▪ Wang Yanfang ( Phison Electronics Corporation)

▪ Zhou Lei ( Huawei Technologies Co. , Ltd. )

▪ Wu Zheng ( Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd.)

▪ Liu Xin ( Zhenjiang Dahua Memory Technology CO.,LTD.)

▪ Huang Lipei (  Hosin Global Electronics Co., Ltd.)

▪ Liu Guohua ( ShenZhen Shichuangyi  Electronics Co., Ltd.)

The above rankings are in no particular order. If there is any change in the membership of the Expert Committee, ITMA will announce it at the same time.