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Notice on the establishment and solicitation of ITMA A&AC

2021-07-02 By Events News

  • Venue: online
  • Time: 2021-07-02
  • Contacts: phoenix@itma.org

Member units:

Based on the release of "ITMA Speciation IS 11.001", the current product test standard "ITMA IS21" drafted by the testing team is about to be completed. In order to better promote the implementation of test standards, review and product trademark authorization and other related project development and work execution , ITMA will now initiate the formation of A&AC, open to all members. Everyone is welcome to participate in soliciting.

1. A&AC definition

Accreditation & Arbitration Committee: Responsible for auditing qualified laboratories, reviewing the self-declaration and test reports submitted by product suppliers, determining whether product evaluation and supplier self-declaration meet the requirements of the specification, judging the complaints and dishonest behaviors in the evaluation of selling unqualified products.

2. A&AC's main responsibilities

(1) Qualification appraisal of the testing laboratory, based on the document ITMA IS 21.004.

(2) The supplier’s Self-declaration & test report appraisal is based on product testing standards, such as ITMA IS 21.005.

(3) A retest is required for complaints, and an evaluation of the results of the retest (retest pass or punishment (evaluation of the degree of punishment)).

3. The main work in the early stage of the formation of A&AC:

(1) Formulate A&AC's management regulations, such as the construction and execution management of the receiving complaint mechanism (warning/cancellation of trademark use rights and cancellation deadlines/media exposure/product recalls, etc.) ……

(2) Responsible for certifying the qualifications of product suppliers and testing laboratories, and listing the document list (subject to update).

(3) Test report template (may be updated later).

(4) The test process record template (may be updated later).

(5) Laboratory self-declaration template (may be updated later).

4. The composition of A&AC:

(1) The total number of members of the committee is an odd number. In principle, the number of members shall not exceed 9, which will be determined according to actual needs assessment.

(2) Candidates for A&AC members:

A. ITMA member units can nominate one candidate;

B. The principle of the composition of committee members, gives priority to the establishment of experts representing enterprises in important links of the industrial chain such as application terminals, storage vendors, and packaging and testing;

C. When selecting companies of the same type, priority will be given to membership level and candidates' relevant experience, etc.;

D. Each term of membership is 2 years, after the expiration, you need to re-participate in the selection of A∾

E. During the term of office, when a member resigns from a member unit, the original member unit may recommend candidates;

(More detailed regulations of A&AC rules will be formulated after the formation of A&AC, incorporated into ITMA's internal management procedures, and issued and implemented after review by the board of directors.)

5. A&AC member registration

1. The candidate must be an on-the-job staff member of the member unit, and must have rich experience in storage or terminal product-related technology and testing.

2. The candidate's detailed introduction materials: The content should include the company, name, position, email address, telephone number, personal education, work experience, and work results introduction. If there are published papers or technical articles, please also attach relevant documents.

3. If the candidate has specific relevant product technology research and development or product testing projects and results, please describe in detail.

4. Document submission time: July 2~July 9th, 2021 (the deadline is 18:00 on July 9th);

5. After the secretariat receives the information, they will sort it out and send it to the board of directors for selection, and the results of the selection will be notified to all members.

6. Contact person to submit information


Email: phoenix@itma.org